Alison Dewar in Print

0 Posted by - 23rd August 2016 - Creative, Design, Photography

Alison Dewar PR approached us for some new images to be used on her updated website. We spent a good couple of hours in conversation to find the right ideas that would create a dynamic brief for us to shoot. When Alison mentioned that she’s well known for being surrounded by newspapers we had an idea. A crazy idea. “Let’s put Alison ‘in print’!”

We are never satisfied with nice work. “Nice is the enemy of spectacular” is Gareth’s motto and this is a case in point. We will always seek to find that bit of insight that will lead us into a unique piece of work that provides a client with something special. We never settle for standard headshot, never settle for standard lighting.

We never settle.

Since her site went live, Alison has been thrilled with all the feedback about the images and we’re delighted to be a part of her ongoing success.

Huge thanks go to Chloë for making such a fine dress!

_DSC6572 _DSC6396

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