Democratic Republic of Congo

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Goma, on the eastern border of DRC, has been described by the UN as the “rape capital of the world”, and “the most dangerous place on earth to be a woman”. Teams from Flame International are working with the victims, the church, the local hospital, the military and the town’s authorities to deal with the trauma and the stigma of rape.

Gareth: As a photojournalism assignment, this was a tough one. I took advice from Restored UK, a specialist charity working to tackle gender-based violence, so that I wouldn’t exacerbate the trouble faced by these hurting women. Once there, however, the women welcomed me in and were delighted to tell their stories and to be photographed. I’ll never forget my visit to Goma and am desperately looking for an opportunity to go back and spend more time with these extraordinary people.

On my return I worked with the client to publish a report, which I designed and titled, “Adding Injury to Insult”. You can get a copy from their website or read more about it here.


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